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Derry Féis sings and dances its way into 100th year
Derry Féis sings and dances its way into 100th year

[Image: _124176469_whatsappimage2022-04-14at10.09.26pm-1.jpg]

For four generations of Marie Horton's family - her mother, herself, her children and now her grandchildren - Easter week has centred around more than just the holidays, church and family.

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Like hundreds of families in the north west for the last 100 years, it's been about the Derry Féis.

Marie can remember it all - her mother, Roseleen, and her aunts singing in competitions; or how her mother ran from hall to hall carrying a cello or a violin so that one of Marie's sisters could perform.

Nowadays, it's the same story, but a different generation.

"I laugh because I then did that with all my kids, and now I'm finding we're now doing it with all the grandchildren as well," Ms Horton said.

"The whole family has to have a full-on action plan and the trainers are all on just to make sure we get each child to every competition."

Over the course of 100 years, the Derry Féis - or The Féis Dhoíre Cholmcílle to give its full title - has become as much of an Easter tradition in the city as chocolate eggs.

Centred around signing, dancing and performance, it is one of the island's most noted celebrations of Gaelic culture.

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